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Split Type Metal Detector

Under this category, one can browse a premium range of Metal Detectors available with us. We guide you towards the best available range of Split Type Metal Detectors under this range that are made in application-specific designs to suit your exact requirements and needs. We are sure to have the exact metal detector you are looking for as our range features excellent metal sensitivity and is available in a wide range of tailor made finishes, designs and aperture sizes. You can count on our detection systems as these detectors, be it the baggage detectors or the pipeline detectors we deal in, help you readily get rid of metal contaminants, as and when required. Customized specifications can also be considered and these industrial metal detectors can be built as per client requirements from our end at an affordable cost. With competitive pricing and maintenance free designs, one of the major advantages of these detection systems is that they reduce your total cost of ownership. Our detection systems are also fitted with sound and visual alarms that aids in efficient metal detection.

Key Product Features:

1) Embedded with many hi-tech features that helps in assuring optimum metal detection accuracy.
2) Fast and accurate detection with the guarantee of no false rejects.
3) Compact and light weight designs that are easy to install and clean.
4) Suitable for use even in hostile environments and do not lose efficiency when run for longer hours.
5) Comes fitted with an easy to read and attractive LCD screen.

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Cooling Line Metal Detector

Price: 295000 INR

We offer efficient metal detectors for cooling lines, and for specific processing needs. They provide ideal solutions to numerous metal detection jobs. These systems help in enhanced productivity, safety and up-time. Also, they are designed as per your product flow lines. We keep up with HACCP, GMP & FDA norms. Compatible with cooling lines, there is maximum throughput.

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Pipeline Metal Detector

Price: 205000 INR

We develop advanced pipeline systems to detect metal contamination in pumped pastes & liquids. Rugged in construction, the systems withstand challenging production environments. The proven technology is allowing for easy and effective inspection. It guarantees unparalleled precision, detection results and speed. Some applications include: Sauces, Pastes, Jams and Juices.

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Metal Detector for Stone Crusher

Price: 245000 INR

We have perfect metal detection system for stone crushers etc. They detect metal parts effectively in the non-metallic environments. This prevents valuable machinery damage, and offer great safety. There are regulation adjustment, high sensitivity and other required features. The system is engineered for a reliable protection to the machinery.

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Wood Log Metal Detector

Price: 425000 INR

Wood log metal detectors are designed for very sensitive metal detection. They are perfect for all types of woods/logs/timbers. The systems help detect & remove metal hardware, nails, etc. They prevent damage to expensive machines. The systems are efficient, fast and simple to adjust.

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Conveyor Metal Detector

Price: 265000 INR

Our conveyor metal detectors will enhance the performance, productivity & quality of goods inspection. Safety is very essential in the food manufacturing process. Our equipments sense as well as remove ferrous, non-ferrous & stainless metal contamination. They are crucial for any process flow, and for many applications. There is efficient detection & separation of metals.


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