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Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors

Designed to meet the set standards and norms of the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors we offer are the best solutions for product inspection and rejection. Under this category of Pharma Metal Detectors, we deal in a wide range of metal detector systems that are built to precision to detect all metal contaminant types, including ferrous, non-ferrous and even hard-to-detect stainless steels of various grades. These pharma detectors help in easy and efficient inspection of different types of tablets and capsules, and thus aid in eliminating contaminants of all possible kind that are usually encountered during their manufacturing. Our range can also address inspection needs of powdered as well as granular pharmaceutical products.

Key Product Features:

1) These metal detectors can be efficiently integrated with other in-line processing machinery & equipment.
2) Designed as per global norms to boost productivity, reliability and efficiency aims of the pharma sector.
3) Detectors are assured for on-line stability and performance during inspection.
4) Operation of these products is quite simple as products come with intuitive and user friendly touch screen interface.
5) Detectors are fabricated employing mirror-polished SS and genuine quality pharmaceutical grade parts & components.

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Health Care Products Metal Detector

Price: 245000 INR

We offer advanced metal detectors for health care products. They have excellent metal detection capability with cost-effectiveness. Our healthcare metal detection systems are designed for maximum configurations, safety and integrity. Some common characteristics are: user-friendly interface, reliable performance and high throughput rate.

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Tablet De Dusters

Price: 150000 INR

Our pharmaceutical (tablets) metal detectors provide high-sensitivity to all metals. They are compatible with all tablet processes. The Tablet De Dusters ensure high levels of quality, metal detection and effectiveness. The systems are simple to set-up, high speed, and involves less installation space. They meet the stringent needs of the pharma industry.

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Tablet Metal Detector

Price: 215000 INR

Tablet metal detectors help to produce optimum quality tablets. These systems detect minute metal particles – stainless steel, ferrous as well as non-ferrous. There is 100% effective metal detection. With high-sensitivity to all metals, we offer absolute pharma metal detector solutions. Our systems are perfect in configurations and flexibility.

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Capsule Metal Detector

Price: 215000 INR

We present high-sensitivity metal detectors that ensure safe and quality capsules. These are effective for ferrous, non-ferrous, or stainless steels. They show outstanding sensitivity towards the contaminating metals. These inspection systems offer high quality levels in the pharmaceutical processes. They increase inspection efficiency and save floor area.

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Metal Detector For Bulk Drugs Powder

Price: 245000 INR

We design & develop advanced metal detection systems for bulk drugs and food industries. They are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the industrial segments. These systems are effective for non-ferrous, ferrous and SS particles. They offer accurate & dependable metal detection. Also, there are maximum throughput and simple adjustments for high-flow product line.

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Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical

Price: 300000 INR

Our metal detection combo units are known for high inspection performance, compact design and cost-effectiveness. They are easy to set-up, operate and maintain. The combination systems precisely detect all ferrous/non-ferrous contaminants. Also, there are fast changeovers, optimum efficiency, high throughput rate and sophisticated controls.

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Pharma Metal Detector

Price: 215000 INR

Our pharma metal detectors guarantee industry-leading and cost-effective sensitivity. They are well-designed for demanding pharmaceutical environments. They offer versatile, reliable & proven solutions for capsule filling, tablet presses, and de-duster applications. Our systems show improved sensitivity to detect tiny metal pieces etc.


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