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Packaging Metal Detectors

We deal in a range of food, pharma and Packaging Metal Detectors that with reliable performance and excellent metal detection capacity outperforms detection systems made by other competitive brands. These new age products are not only innovative but extremely cost effective as well. Designed in accordance with latest international technology, these detectors have enhanced sensitivity and can easily spot and eliminate all metal types. Leaving aside detectable metals of any kind, our detectors can also detect smaller irregular shaped metal contaminants easily in packaging products like jumbo bags and food packets. Besides, with their improved efficiency for longer hours and their maintenance free designs, installing our range of metal detector for goods packaging also assures low total cost of ownership. These detectors can also be custom engineered by our experts in terms of various specifications to facilitate easy integration into any packaging environment.

Key Product Features:

1) These detectors are designed to augment process efficiency related to metal contaminant detection across the packaging sector.
2) These detectors can be used with complete reliability and safety in both high-care as well as low-care packaging environments.
3) These detectors give hassle free usage with intuitive touchscreens and easy-to-read icon-driven menus.
4) These detectors give assurance of fast and accurate inspection throughout the service span.
5) These detectors can detect metal objects with ease irrespective of shape and orientation of the contaminants.
6) These detection systems negate possibility of wasteful double inspection and do not lead to false rejects.


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