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Food Metal Detectors

For people working in the food processing sector, good quality metal detectors are must haves item. This is because contamination on food products by metal shards from machinery can be a safety threat and pose extreme health hazards for consumers. Thus, these detectors become crucial equipment that finds usage along with the food processing and packaging line. We as a reliable entity make the purchasing of Metal Detectors required for the food processing sector quite easier with our wide line of Food Metal Detectors. In case quality, safety, operational reliability and hygiene standards are your priority, look no further as our detectors are the ideal testing solutions that can lend maximum efficiency to your food production processes. Accuracy level of our line of metal detector for food is second to none, and the products offered under this category helps you deliver the best to your consumers. Cutting edge technology is employed in fabricating various parts and components of these detection systems that makes the products run smoothly in a variety of industrial environments.

Key Product Features:

1) Industry compliant powerful designs that are resistant to corrosion and rust.
2) Easy operation is assured with an user friendly colour touch panel.
3) Suitable for use both in dry and wet environments.
4) Inspection and testing results can be recorded with ease.
5) Comes with a detachable belt and can be cleaned and maintained without any hassle.

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